Self-Managed Super Fund Services

Our team at Grubers Beckett can help you set up your own self-managed super fund giving you to have greater control over your future retirement.

Investing in your future

Superannuation is a long-term savings arrangement that operates primarily to provide income for retirement. It involves employers, the self-employed and employees making contributions over a period of time to a superannuation fund.

By investing in a self-managed super fund you can gain the following advantages:

  • Greater investment freedom over your capital;
  • Ability to actively participate in the management of the fund;
  • Reduced formal reporting requirements; and
  • Often more flexible retirement planning and estate planning options are available.

If you are interested and want some help in the self-managed super fund set up process, please contact your nearest Grubers Beckett Chartered Accountants office. We can help you!

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